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Aboriginal Head Start Program

Our Philosophy

  • We recognize that our Aboriginal children are our community's most valuable resource.
  • We are dedicated to improving cultural awareness and respect for traditional beliefs.
  • Families and volunteers are an integral part of our program's continuance and success.
  • The Aboriginal Headstart Program is determined to enhance the lives of children, their families, and the community by providing a caring, supportive and necessary community service.

About Prince Rupert Aboriginal Headstart (AHS)

Our Programs


Prince Rupert Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) is a licensed pre-school that is dedicated to the multi-cultural needs of Prince Rupert's and Port Edward's children, with a focus on our Aboriginal communities. We operate through our host agency, PRACSS, to provide pre-school services for Aboriginal children aged three to five in the Prince Rupert-Port Edward area. We opened in 1997 as Cedar Road, and in 2007 moved under the umbrella of PRACSS. 

Operating Principles

We believe that Aboriginal children have the right to a quality cultural education that includes teaching the roots and values of our Aboriginal heritage, as well as skills based in strong self-identity that allows them to preserve this heritage. We strive daily, with each interaction, to assist every child in reaching their personal potential, while encouraging family members to become active participants in the child's development. We offer educational services to children and their families to ensure success within the mainstream school environment and within all aspects of their lives. Our language and culture curriculum is based on Aboriginal languages and traditions. Our Aboriginal-based childcare philosophy is intertwined with our sense of spirituality, as child rearing was, and is, considered a valued and sacred responsibility within our communities.

Contact Us

Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society
265-309 2nd Avenue West, Prince Rupert BC, V8J 3T1

  • Administration (250) 622 2891
  • Justice (250) 622 2891
  • Patient Travel (250) 624 4646
  • PT Toll Free 1 (888) 624 5504
  • Fax (250) 622 2893
  • Email pracss@citywest.ca

Aboriginal Headstart
313 Prince Rupert Blvd.
Phone: 250 627 4010